Novel Jewellery


About Novel Jewellery

Novel Jewellery was started by Anne Jönsson in 2005, and you will still meet her in the store where she's crafting her jewellery along with a small team of passionate designers. Here you will find a wide range of jewellery, all in the signature style of Novel Jewellery: Bold, Beautiful and Creative. Each piece is crafted from carefully sourced materials and with great attention to detail, to ensure the best possible quality.

About Anne Jönsson

Hi, my name is Anne Jönsson, and I'm the founder and owner of Novel Jewellery. I've always been passionate about hand-made jewellery and creative designs, which is what led me to start my own jewellery brand in 2005.

To this day I'm actively involved in all aspects of the production, from sourcing of materials, to design, to production. I hope you find something you like.